Dove Creation

XHTML/CSS Validation

Your website may be working with all the codes working properly, but is the XHTML and CSS codes on your website up to the W3C standards? These codes may be the difference between your website and standard websites which follow these validation rules. It will be difficult for your website to survive if your website contains so many flaws in its codes and conversion of images to HTML. No matter how good designer you have, your mark up should be tested by the ones who are far more experienced and familiar with them. The team of Dove Creation is a lot more capable in this task.

The development and design team at Dove Creation is extremely capable of checking your entire website and evaluate it according to the W3C open standards and quickly identify those portions of your website that need your attention.

Dove Creation helps you to check your syntax with reliable and high speed validation service in accordance to current W3C standards. A valid code is very much helpful to avoid problems with different browsers and their releases. A simple visual check of your site does not confirm any more to modern web design services and generally accepted technical requirements.

Dove creation validation service provides the following procedures:

a)      Hand coded strict HTML markup

b)      Table-less CSS layout

c)       SEO friendly Semantic Markup

d)      Easy integration with any CMS

e)      Clean W3C standard

f)       XHTML/CSS Brower

g)      Compatibility Image Optimization

If you have any doubt on the codes of your website, feel free to contact us.