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Tips to make your WordPress website Mobile Friendly

wp site mobile friendly
Tips to make your WordPress website Mobile Friendly

Today, almost all the internet users love to buy the things they desire though mobile device. WordPress has become the most preferred content management system as most of the websites are developed in the content management system WordPress. Thus, it is very important to develop mobile-friendly E-commerce websites as the number of mobile-internet users are increasing every moment.

If you do not have an idea to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly then this article is especially dedicated to you. Follow this article till the end to grab some idea on making your WordPress website mobile-friendly.

Here are some of the tips to make your WordPress website mobile friendly:

Decide on your Web hosting service

You need to pay attention while choosing a web hosting company. The web hosting company with Slow and undependable services affects the mobile-friendly changes in your online presence. Thus, to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly you need to decide on web hosting service with good research and study.

Choosing Mobile-friendly WordPress theme

Choosing mobile-friendly WordPress theme will be beneficial for you to achieve stable website practice to your users within different types of portable devices and screen. You can also utilize the premium WordPress themes available to make your website mobile-friendly. Therefore, choose a theme that holds the mobile-friendly feature and help your audience to visit your website through their mobile devices.

Installing and activating a suitable plugin

Content Management System WordPress is rich of varieties of plug-ins that are available free of cost as well. However, it is important to select the plugin that makes your WordPress website suitable for all the screens and the portable devices.

If you have doubt regarding the WordPress plugin for mobile friendly website then you can go for the plugin WPtouch. This plugin works by uploading an easy mobile theme for the mobile user. Moreover, this plugin makes the mobile edition of your online presence classy, easy to use with a fast load time.

Produce mobile-friendly content

Producing a mobile friendly content is very as the content you place in the online presence must be easily available in all the portable devices that your users are employing.

Check out some of the ways to make your content mobile-friendly:

Font size should be larger
There should be lots of Whitespace
Do not include long Headings
Make it short and simple
You need to Break the text into different subsections
Place an important info or post on the top of the online presence

Remember Image Optimization is very important

Images are the important component of the website. Your website is incomplete without those elements. Nevertheless, heavy images or the large size image can make your site and less mobile- friendly. Therefore, do not forget to optimize the image before uploading it in the websites.

Wrapping Up,

Mobile users are increasing every day and every year. Due to increase in mobile users, most of the search engine recommends the online presence that has mobile friendly features. Therefore, to stand out from your competitors you need to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly.