Dove Creation

Magento Integration

Magento is an open source e commerce web application development platform launched in 2008 and was built using parts of Zend. With a fully integrated online platform, it features flexible options which include mobile templates, multiple transaction service, multiple stores and multiple sites. The open source nature ensures that the websites we build using Magento sets our customers up for maximum revenue gains with less time spent on updates and higher conversion rate. This particular platform has been one of the most popular choices for online business covering up approximately 25% of all the market share of the e-commerce websites. Providing a huge set of features, Magento provides one of the best solutions for e-commerce websites. Similarly, more advanced features can be conveniently added with the use of various extensions and customizations as your store starts generating higher leads.
As Magento is one of the best eCommerce solutions for web business offering plenty of flexibility to complement any requirements, the experienced team of Magento development of Dove Creation is more than capable and is willing to work with you to build a flexible Magento system for your web business, which will not only build business leads for you, but also create a unique brand in your business.
Dove Creation provides step by step services with regards to website development on the basis of your basic requirement. Creating and tailoring new Magento-based websites and integrating Magento into already established websites and even improve Magento-based web-stores is our specialty, as innovation is the core of our development procedure. Our aim is developing innovative web store which keeps our customers miles ahead from their respective counterparts and build maximum possible business leads for them is our best feature.
The procedures we go through while buidling a fully functional Magento-based website are:
1. Module Implementation
2. eCommerce Site Design
3. Store development
4. Custom Add-Ons
5. Third Party Software integration